Sheila Dempsey

Spiritual-Intuitive healing

Spiritual-intuitive healing combines the elements of spiritual theory and practice with the use of intuition. The goal of both elements is to access and develop a deeper consciousness of our true identity: that of powerful, creative, spiritual beings.

Spiritual theory includes an exploration of universal, spiritual principles such as the law of love and the law of attraction. Specific life issues are then examined within the context of these laws.

Spiritual practice focuses on the teaching and practice of various forms of meditation and other techniques for 1) learning mindfulness (being present in the moment) and 2) accessing higher levels of awareness. Spiritual practice offers the opportunity to become conscious, to directly access the memory of our innate divinity, and to experience the love that is our essence.

The intuitive modality includes such things as communicating with loved ones (including companion animals) on the other side, and receiving healing messages from the client's own consciousness.

A Note from Sheila to You...

I come to you with love and respect, no matter who you are, no matter where you are in your journey. I know that we are all connected on some deep, energetic level, and that underneath surface appearances, we are all the same.

I know you as a magnificent, powerful spiritual being who is loved by Spirit beyond your wildest dreams. Actually, you are the love of Spirit. My primary task is to symbolically and energetically hold up a “Magical Mirror” for you so that you can begin to understand and feel this yourself.

This mirror allows you to see yourself, your essence, as you truly are: a dearly loved, integral part of the divine.